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Feedback Informs Your Impact and Improvement

IEE makes it easy to collect, understand and act on feedback from the people who care most.

Catholic Schools
Build a Culture of Continuous Improvement

To help your Catholic school/diocese increase enrollment, retention, and the quality of student experience in a focused, sustainable and systematic way, Institute for Excellence & Ethics (IEE) will assist you with gathering and managing information about:

Parent Priorities

Feedback from parents on the quality of learning, religious formation, school responsiveness to parents, financial value, and other aspects of school experience.

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College, Career, and Life Readiness

Feedback from graduating students and alumni about school impact on college and career competencies, support for individual growth, and other aspect of life.

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Quality of Teaching and Learning

Feedback from students and staff on the quality of academic instruction, character development, professional community, and school partnership with families.

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Collect Constructive Feedback on What Matters

Our surveys will help you highlight and communicate to your stakeholders the value your schools are generating for their graduates.

Among other things, the feedback will focus on the essential aspects of the culture and competencies that ensure success in college, career, and life such as the ones shown here:

Understand the Results

Our reports present the feedback results consistently across topics and survey participants and make it easy to see areas where your performance is optimal and those that present opportunities for impact.

Prepare to Take Action

Our data reflection and planning tools guide your principals and leadership teams to quickly make sense of the results and focus on creating a plan for effective action. Our results ensure accountability by putting the focus on your habits and mindset.

In our culture of continuous improvement, Matt Davidson and the IEE team were critical to our success. From our very first surveys it was clear that while parents were pleased with the overall education of their children, we had opportunities to improve communication, enhance academic offerings, and ultimately transform our Catholic schools. But what set IEE apart was their ability to add capacity to our organization. The IEE team was present, whenever needed, to meet with stakeholders, help with design and interpretation of data, and assist our principals to ensure they were equipped to create a data-driven continuous improvement culture in their schools.

Christopher Mominey
Former COO and Secretary for Education, Archdiocese of Philadelphia.

Who We Are

Our collaboration started nearly 20 years ago at the University of Notre Dame when we taught as adjuncts in the Alliance for Catholic Education while working on a variety of research projects. In 2006 we formed the Institute for Excellence & Ethics (IEE) as a non-profit organization dedicated to development of organizational culture and leadership.

IEE's assessment and culture development solutions have been implemented by organizations ranging from schools and districts to state and Federal projects, to colleges and universities, to business and community organizations in the U.S. and in over 10 countries.

Our partners and clients include:

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